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Godot Game Engine Logo
Godot Game Engine Logo

The Godot Engine is an open-source project. It is developed by a community of volunteers. Godot is now a fully featured game engine with lots of features necessary to make functional and good-looking games. And everything you make in Godot belongs 100% to you. There is no caveat attached. That may not be the case with other commercial game engines, where the exact terms are written in the contract you have to sign, in order to use the engine. Not with this Engine. It is free, open source, and released under the MIT license. You even can change parts of the engine, if you so desire.

All the above makes this Engine very attractive. But if you’re not familiar with the open-source concept, it may seem strange, that no one actually gets paid for their hard work. This dedicated community of passionate developers donates their time to make the engine better and better. They also fix bugs, produce documentation, and much more. If you want to support this open-source endeavor you can either contribute to the code, help spread the word about Godot, or help out by pitching into their official Patreon Account.

Where do you get Godot Game Engine?

Well, there are several ways to get Godot up and running. But in my eyes, the most accessible one may be through Steam. This is because Steam updates Godot automatically and you can install it as easy as any other game or Software on Steam. You can also download the Engine from the official Website. Or you can build it on your own via the aforementioned GitHub code.

GoTut Website

This Website and its content for Godot focuses on the Godot Branch 3.0 and upwards. This is because with the release of Godot 3.0 the Engine made a huge step forward in being a feature-complete and compatible game engine. Well, if this sounds interesting to you, then stay here on GoTut and check out some of the interesting topics!

Get more Information!

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