Flutter QR Code Reader Tutorial

Flutter QR Code Reader Tutorial

In this tutorial, we want to make a small QR code reader app. With a tap on the FloatingActionButton, we open the camera and then show the scanned result.

Create a New Flutter Project

After creating a new Flutter project, delete everything that we don’t need, so that it looks like the following:

We just modified the FloatingActionButton a little bit, so it gets invisible, once we are in camera mode. And we added _qrInfo, _camState and an empty _scanCode(), which all will be needed soon.

The Package needed for the Flutter QR Reader Tutorial:

For this example, we are going to use the qr_mobile_vision package. There are others out there, but let’s just stick with this one for that tutorial. So just add the package to your pubspec.yaml file:

Then click on Packages get on the top right.

The Reader Widget

First, let us not forget to import the qr_mobile_vision package. Next, we add the reader widget form the package to our app. But we only want to show it, when _camState is active. So we change our body to something like this:

If there is an error, we show it at the screen. Also, we added an empty _qrCallback(), which will handle the string we get from the scanned QR code. Keep in mind, that the author of the package mentioned putting the reader widget into a SizedBox. So we do that.

Handling the QR Callback

Last but not least, we fill in the missing parts. When we want to scan something, we change the _camState to active. Then, when we get the callback we just assign the code to our _qrInfo, which then shows the result in our text widget.

Also, don’t forget to set the _camState back to false. And we are done. If you tap the FAB, the camera should open and after scanning a QR Code you should get the string.

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Flutter QR Code Reader Tutorial
Flutter QR Code Reader Tutorial